December 15, 2010

September 2010 San Diego

Liam is a fish. You can lead him to the water - but good luck leading him out of it!

Colin at the Shamu Show 'Believe'.

Sea World with Grandma and Grandpa. Shamu Stadium.

San Diego Zoo -one of the elephants got out and stocked us to the car.

July 2010 Nehalem Bay Camping

Soccer with Dad. Log piles are better than "play structures".... except for the slivers!

Had a blast playing on the dunes and log piles until high winds gave us enough incentive to pack it up and go home a day early!

May 2010

Costa Rica is Paradise!

The kids loved the animals, and swimming in warm water everyday.
We loved the people, food, and relaxation!
Backyard pool in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Hot Springs at the base of Volcan Arenal.

April 2010 Henry Reunion Cruise

We spent a few days in Birmingham on the way to the port in Mobile, AL
Colin and Liam with their cousins, Connor and Cole, at the Birmingham Zoo.

I don't recommend taking a 1-yr-old on a cruise - unless a 5-day game of chase sounds like fun to you. That said, no one went overboard and we had a blast (especially when we nearly missed the ship in Progreso ... enough said)

On the dock after a day of fun in Cozumel. Aysha, Jacque, and Dawn swam with the dolphins and Rand and Christian did some scuba.