October 11, 2008

The '3 Olders' and kids

Cami arranged to bring Calvin and come up to Vancouver to see baby Liam. Blaine gets the 'Father of the Decade' award for holding down the fort in PA for nearly a week.

Kell drove down from Seattle. We caught up and spent some time on the mountain. It had been at least eight years since Cami and Kell had seen each other and longer since all three of us had been together.

Calvin, Grant, and Colin had a blast in the hot tub. (We all questioned the purity of the water after a few minutes of soaking.)

More photos:

September 9, 2008

Liam is born

And the newbie is .....
Liam Douglas Harward! At 21 inches tall, 7.5 lbs, and a mullet that would make any 80's rocker jealous, he is the newest member of the Harward clan. Welcome home Liam!

"Douglas" is Aysha's father's name - and he shares the same long toes too. "Liam" was a name that Aysha had really liked, and when she put it with her dad's middle name it just clicked. I never even had to crack a baby-name book.

Colin is so excited to be a big brother - (see photo).

If Liam brings him a new Thomas Lego set everyday from now on - I think he'll be just fine.

Click here to see the online photo album - (including mullet and toes): http://picasaweb.google.com/randharward/LiamDouglasHarward

June 8, 2008

June 4, 2008

Colin Posts

If he could type, Colin would post the following:

That's a pretty cool stick dude! (eyeing the 2x4 in my hand)
It looks pretty nice, dad. (surveying my yard work)
I woke up! (every time)
That's not too bad! (following a butt-sore diaper change meltdown)
I mowed da wan (lawn).

No. 2 In View

For the sake of being ultra-prepared we had the baby scanned for gender. Looks like Aysha will be out-numbered with a capital O.

Crib Free

Colin moves across the hall and into more freedom. (Freedom to ambush mommy and daddy at 3am from a dead sleep!)