September 9, 2008

Liam is born

And the newbie is .....
Liam Douglas Harward! At 21 inches tall, 7.5 lbs, and a mullet that would make any 80's rocker jealous, he is the newest member of the Harward clan. Welcome home Liam!

"Douglas" is Aysha's father's name - and he shares the same long toes too. "Liam" was a name that Aysha had really liked, and when she put it with her dad's middle name it just clicked. I never even had to crack a baby-name book.

Colin is so excited to be a big brother - (see photo).

If Liam brings him a new Thomas Lego set everyday from now on - I think he'll be just fine.

Click here to see the online photo album - (including mullet and toes):